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Free Stuff


AVG Free Antivirus - link click on free download link at AVG website.

We have discontinued Avast since they changed their protection to a 30 day trial.


Malwarebytes Anti Spyware: Go here to download the latest version of Malwarebytes anti-spyware. This is a 13 day trial. After the trial period has ended you can continue to use it as a free product or opt to purchase it. It costs around 39.99 + tax per year on an auto renewal basis.

Malwarebytes Rootkit Removal Tool - Go here to download the latest Malwarebytes rootkit removal tool.

Team Viewer: Allows us to remote access your computer to make corrections and repairs not associated with Internet connection issues. Go here to download Teamviewer.

Adobe Reader 9: Version 9 of Adobe PDF Reader: For older versions of Windows (XP and Vista). DOWNLOAD

Winsock fix - winsock fix for Windows XP

Temp Cleaner - Clean temp files in Windows 7











Free Stuff

Common Fixes:

Resetting your Internet Explorer left click on link, choose to "open" it. The file is a wordpad document.



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